15 March 2012

awkward and awesome

    - me asking the nice man in sweater vest at Barnes and Noble for the book Skinny Chicks Eat Real Food...and him repeating it at 10 decibels higher than we were talking, "NO MA'AM, WE DON'T HAVE THE BOOK SKINNY CHICKS EAT REAL FOOD! BUT IF YOU REALLY NEED IT, I CAN GO AHEAD AND ORDER IT FOR YOU" Great. Now everyone in the store if not the greater Ann Arbor area knows I'm the girl buying a self-help diet book.
    - the fact that I have not been able to keep food in my mouth this entire week. I either need a muzzle while I eat, or should not be allowed to engage in dinner conversation at least until this embarresing problem subsides.
    - platform sandals that are popping up in all of the magazines a la Spice Girls circa 1995. Why, people?
    - standing in line for the bathroom behind three women, all of whom are pregnant and realizing that I, the only non-pregnant one am the only one whose outfit could pass for maternity clothing. I guess whenever I do get that magical bun in my oven, I won't need to do any clothes shopping.
    - forgetting a hair tie at the gym, and having to MacGyver a hair style out of anything you have on you - for example, the chord from your headphones. Yes, I actually tried that, and no it didn't work that well, and yes people stared at me like I had a couple screws loose. Desperate times, you know?

    - the girl I spotted at the gym who was walking around the track, first running, and then doing lunges. I thought, dang, she's hardcore! And then, on her next lap around I saw her walking eating gummy bears out of a large bag.
    - finding $20 in a coat that you haven't worn in awhile. Gives you a real rush, kinda what I'd imagine winning the lottery feels like.
    - the fact that I am still discovering amazing spots in my hometown. Yesterday, I discovered a new spot {4 months late, mind you} called Babo where they sell all kinds of yummy foods - it's completely drool worthy. I'd live there, if they let me {just see photos above!}
    - the 70 degree weather we've had for the last week or so! In Michigan! Who needs a spring break with this weather?
    - the leather leggings I ordered and cannot wait to wear out one night. Spicy, that's for sure.
    - Turquoise and Caicos nail polish by OPI -  reminds me of Miami Vice in the 80's, but is way awesome-er if that's possible.

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