22 February 2012

so long sweets

Welp. After much deliberation, I settled on giving up sweets for lent. Sadly, the decision of what to give up for lent was not an easy one...there are too many things that I am entirely too relient on in my everyday life - sweets, my phone, television, the internet, you name it. It's all kinda sad, when you think about it. The fact that the thought of giving up the internet almost led me to a nervous breakdown is just a little sad, no?

If Jesus could spend 40 days alone in the desert with no food and a devil constantly harassing him, I think I can probably muster giving up just one of my many habits. Religious or not, I think it's an interesting challenge to us all and a good time to reflect on what exactly is "necessary" to us - I have a feeling that this delicious lemon tart probably doesn't fit that category. Sigh.

I'll miss you, sweets. See you in 40 days!

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