20 February 2012

eight things I am certain of on this day

1. I'm fairly certain that Anthropologie is what heaven looks like.

2. My gym bag has cobwebs on it...there's not telling what kind of animals have taken up residency in there since I last opened it.

3. I am, by far and away, the best parallel parker there is. The reason this is so amazing is that I am also the worst driver there is, so the combination isn't all that useful - I have parked a car or two for friends. They are amazed.

4. I'm not sure that there's anything that a tall glass of milk and Oreos can't fix.

5. The word bubbleage is extremely useful, and thus, should be in the dictionary - teaching  jewelry making classes last week, I used the word at least five times - because jewelry and bubbles go together. Obviously.

6. I could use a massage - and bad.

7. Sweet potato anything is good - there's no bad way to cook one of those bad boys.

8. It's impossible to do the Cupid Shuffle in your car. If you want to try it while driving, trust me, your safety will be compromised...don't say I didn't warn you. {Watch it here}

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