15 February 2012

calling all nerdy lumberjacks

All one of us are present and accounted for. Dad gave me his old sweater from 1970, and my new glasses give me the right to pull off fashion like this. I swear. Pair that with a new chambray shirt from JCrew that I spent WAY too much money for, and you've hit nerdy lumberjack gold, my friend.

Chris is travelling for business {for way too long, if you ask me}, and so I got to spend Valentines with my bestest lady friends. Ashley and Julie and I all lived next to one another freshman year at Michigan State. Funny how random selection leads to best friend-dom. Despite living in different cities, we still get to see each other every once in awhile {which isn't enough, if you ask me}. Jack came along as well, and Ashley and I were so grateful that him and Julie spent their Valentines with us. We spent dinner reminiscing on college, how life's changed since graduation, and what we want to be when we grow up {which is technically now, but shhh}. It's crazy that it's been three years since we lived together at college. I kinda really love them.

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