23 February 2012

awkward and awesome

   - getting caught talking to myself in public...and then pretending like I was just singing a song to myself "I have to remember to do that...because the sun will come ouuut tomorrowww..."
   - consequently, my singing voice - I think a dog howling while gargling mouthwash that has nails in it is a pretty accurate depiction of what I sound like.
   - iced tea spilling on all of my gym clothes, and not noticing it until I am on the elliptical at the gym. Why no, man next to me on treadmill giving a weird look, that is not a giant sweat stain...that's just iced tea on my gym clothes, obviously. Everybody's spilling their beverages on their clothes and then sweating in them at the gym, didn't you read that article in InStyle magazine this month? Working out on very little sleep is not a pretty thing, friends.
   - typing in frogger.com instead of blogger.com to come to this site...the plus side of that was that I did get to see websites where I could play Frogger for free, so a blessing in disguise, I suppose.
  - noticing someone looking at their reflection in something that is not a mirror, and then them realizing that you caught them
  - when the person in the stall next to you in the public restroom answers their phone. There is absolutely no scenario where this isn't awkward for everyone in the entire room, including the person on the other end of that phone call. Do I finish my business, or am I supposed to abruptly stop out of respect for the person on the phone? See? It's incredibly anxiety provoking, and therefor should be avoided at all costs.

   - the chinese food Chris and I had after not having been to our favorite spot in over two weeks. two weeks, people. Oh, and our usually shy and quiet waitress saying "Wow, you two must have been really hungry tonight" after she noticed that we had basically licked the plates clean when we thought no one was looking. No shame here.
   - the Chicago trip I am taking with my aunt, cousin, Mom and sister this weekend. Sure to be filled with lots of good  food, laughter, shopping, and oh yeah, a photo shoot. Which inevitably will produce photos of me will be seen in an upcoming awkward post, no doubt.
   - seeing your special someone after you haven't seen in a long time...first date-like nerves, I remember you!
   - My Dad's cooking. Seriously. There's nothing like it.
   - DARK CHOCOLATE peanut butter...yep, that amazingly heavenly combo does indeed exist in a jar all mixed up together. That you can buy. And put on everything. And then take a bath in because it's that good.
   - Nyquil. That miracle in a bottle has gotten me through two weeks {and counting} of oh-so-ladylike snotting and incessant coughing. It's all very glamorous, when you think about it.

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