01 February 2012

awkward and awesome

- this photo I took of my feet - makes me look wide, like wiiiide. And my legs look about 6 inches long - I swear I'm proportional.
- Dad signing an email to my family with "Big Daddy
- The fact that I am enjoying the new MTV challenge "Battle of the Exes" so immensely, that I will gladly watch re-runs twice, even three times
- My passport picture. Seriously, don't even want the people at customs to see it, it's so awful
- Stubbing my toe in public and then hiding the inevitable weird bunny hop dance that automatically follows. Or the yelping squeals "OUCH!" or an expletive "F***!"
- The recording Christopher took of  me snoring on the couch with his phone while we were watching tv. I can saw some serious lumber people. Forget looking ladylike while I sleep, those days are officially over.
- The ginormous hole I just found in the sweater that I'm wearing to work today - it's huge - and right where one of my lady parts is - that's the last time I'll get dressed in the dark.
- How immensly my stomach protrudes after eating at our favorite chinese restaurant - it's amazing how quickly I go from normal to six months pregnant in 15 minutes.  

- Boyfriend eating brother-in-law's food on accident when we had just finished our dinners at a restaurant...poor guy didn't realize bro-in-law was sending his leftovers to be boxed up, and boyfriend missed the whole "boxing up" memo and said, "you're not finishing that? if you won't, I will!" and proceeded to eat bro's leftovers meal very quickly and excitedly. He was completely oblivous of my family's amazed stares, and entertained laughs. Awkward for boyfriend. Awesome for the rest of us.
- The fact that I've gone to the gym three times already this week, and I joined the gym four days ago {at this point, I'll take my virtual high five, thank you very much}
- My jeans are fitting looser. It's because im losing weight so fast, NOT because they're jeans and so naturally, they stretch.
- The sun was out for approximately .025 seconds today while at work! After all the cloudy days we've had, I could not be more happy to see that glorious ball of light. In fact, I laid in the window like a cat and soaked up all the warmth I could, which was met by awkward stares from customers in the store.
- My sister and brother-in-law's business taking off. Like big time. Couldn't be prouder of those two.
- Going to Chris' three-year old nieces birthday party, and getting to relive my princess days with tiaras, rings, tea parties and tutus. Why does anyone want to grow up?

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  1. Oh my gosh. Laughed out loud at boyfriend eating bro-in-law's food story. Really really awesome.