02 January 2012

new years resolutions

I'm feeling different this new years, different than years past. Rather than making resolutions because everyone else does it, I'm giving myself several challenges - some big, some small, but goals I can actually visualize myself achieving. I'm all about growth this year,  bettering myself, but also pushing myself. Here's what I'm thinking for this year:

Spiritual Growth. I'd like to explore my faith, and make it a larger part of my life.

Be healthy. This pertains mostly to my physical health, but I know that my physical health directly affects my mental health.  Getting this booty moving for 30 mins a day, and pushing myself more and more as the year goes on.

Go to Cracker Barrel - just once. I'm so serious about this one. I've passed that restaurant so many times on Chris and my drives to and from Detroit...its time to try.

Blog regularly. This is a big one. I am so excited about blogging on a more regular basis, and developing this little blog into a reflection of me.

Go on one Extreme Couponing shopping trip. I'm dead serious about this one. I just want to try it once, but I know I need to prepare a lot, so this one will take awhile to finally accomplish.

Yoga. I'm the most not flexible human alive. I need this in my life. Think it will help my brain, too.

Figure out why I always get migraines on days where I have a big event. Had migraines this year at the wedding Chris officiated this summer, at Julie's wedding, my birthday, and New Years Eve. Biggest bummer ever. Chris asked "Will you ever be able to do anything big without getting a migraine?" So devastating, but so true. Time to crack it, and get a hold on these bad boys for good.

Cheers to you, 2012.

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