30 January 2012

moody judy has a moving meltdown

Two weeks ago, I was unrecognizable to anyone who knew me. Picture King Kong, stepping  recklessly through the city, crushing everything in its path, letting out this huge, ungodly roar. That was me. No joke, people. I was a nightmare.

I hate moving, let me just come out and say that. I'm a very sensitive person and I become extremely attached to my home, wherever it may be at the time. I'm also a huge believer in juju. If you don't know, juju is the feeling you get from your space, good or bad. I've only ever lived with good juju. Now, before you think I'm completely crazy, go with me for a second. People make a living out of bringing good juju to people's homes - think: feng shui. Interior designers are pros when it comes to good juju. Maybe it was my two years spent in school to become an interior designer that instilled this in me, but juju is what it's all about.

My roommate and I had been living in an amazing apartment - we totally lucked out. First of all, everything in Ann Arbor is expensive, like expennnnsive. We got an amazing move in deal where we could pay like $200 less each month than the apartment was actually worth. The apartment was the corner unit, which meant tons of windows, cathedral ceilings, a fireplace, living room, dining room, each had our own bedroom/bathroom, not to mention a third room that was our walk in closet room, or as it  later became known "the room where Emily's clothes go to die".

Sadly, prices go up, and so we had to move down the street into a much more affordable place. To its credit, the apartment has large rooms, with our own bathrooms, a much nicer kitchen and a screened in porch {take that, bugs}. The two major downfalls are that we don't get the amazing light anymore, and the woman before us had an affinity for pink walls and terrible wallpaper.

So taking all of that into account, I became a complete nightmare to anyone that knew me. Sadly, Chris got the brunt of my moodiness. Packing up all of your belongings in boxes takes forever people. Oh, and I had to paint the beautiful grey color in my room back to this awful bright white. That took three coats, by the way. Not to mention, Chris made  a makeshift paintbrush out of our broom handle and a roller for my 65 foot ceilings {slight exaggeration...maybe} Poor guy. He did most of the painting, while I frantically packed up all the crap I've managed to acquire over a year and half's time. Then he had to get the U-Haul, haul all of my heavy furniture in it, drive 3 minutes, and unload it all.

I feel like I'm getting moody again just recounting that weekend...Needless to say, we're all moved in and settled, I'm back to normal, and Chris probably doesn't want to punch me in the face when he's around me anymore.Really though, he was extremely patient with me. Not sure how I got so lucky....

 So it's back to happy Emily. That is, until my lease runs up in July and Moody Judy comes to visit again.

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