06 December 2011

Dear Santa

Hello to you,

How's the North Pole this time of year? Pretty crazy, I bet. Does the movie Elf depict it accurately? 'Cause that's what I'm imagining as I write this to you.

Am writing to you this year not to ask for things - surprisingly, theres not a lot on my list. I think the top thing would be improved vision, but I can do that by getting off my lazy butt and going to the eye-doctor myself. That, and furniture for the apartment that I don't have yet, so thats not so practical either. What I really want is to just to have a fun holiday - spending time with family, eating lots {and LOTS} of delicious food, sleeping in, building a snowman, and whatever else I can think of. Man, I'm getting old - I remember years and years where my list was so long, I couldnt keep everything straight. Guess thats it means to grow up?

Made a gingerbread house tonight - one of my favorite holiday traditions. Convinced Chris to make one from a box and not go the graham cracker and marshmallow fluff route. My dream is to someday make all the pieces of gingerbread myself, and build these elaborate walls with all the trimmings a gingerbread man could ever want. Chris and I had fun saying the spanish word for gingerbread, Jingebre {we say: Yin-jay-bray, which is probably completely botching the word, but we like it}, and have decided to affectionately refer to the house as such from now on. The fact that we managed to eat most of the decorative candy beforehand, and the house still turned out is a miracle in itself.

Hope the reindeer are in good health, and that you guys have a very safe and happy trip delivering all the presents to the little boys and girls. You make a lot of people smile, ya know. You're one cool dude.

Til next year,

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