16 November 2011


 Celebrated sister's 30th birthday this past Monday with a candle-lit picnic on her living room floor.  Perfect way to ring in a new decade, if you ask me - not to mention extremely romantical and super cozy. It was required that we all sit on the floor - apparently a huge problem for Chris and I, as we are the two most unflexible humans alive. Rather than sitting indian style like everyone else, we looked like a misshapen pretzel, weaving our awkwardly outstretched legs together - trying to keep them from kicking over the lovely feast that lay in front of us.

The food was fantastical - pot roast, cornbread, roasted veggies, and even a beet-chocolate cake. Good fun had by all. Was pleasantly surprised that giving my sister cute lingerie wasn't as awkward as I originally had thought it would be.

Happy birthday, sister! I hope this new year is wonderful, filled with new adventures, as well as some pretty darn good memories. Love you!

Had to share this gem of a shot of Chris and brother-in-law. Makes me giggle.

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