20 November 2011

birthday plans, interrupted

 Welp. It happened again - migraine on my birthday, big surprise.

Here's a little back story. My birthday is quite possibly my favorite day of the year - second to Christmas, maybe. I am not shy about letting everyone know when my birthday is. In fact, I gave myself an entire week this year to claim as my birthday week - from last Sunday to today {you better believe I'm still celebrating}. It bascially serves as an excuse to eat an excessive amount of sweets and not feel guilty...love that.

The celebration began Thursday night. Was greeted by Chris with flowers and dinner. We then picked up a friend of his from the airport, and spent several hours galavanting around Detroit.  As soon as midnight hit, you better believe I was letting everyone within a 100 foot radius  know it was my birthday.  I was  25 - a quarter century old - bam. On Friday, I woke up, sprung out of bed, and began my day with a brownie - breakfast of champions, let me tell you.  At work,  I was greeted with the most delicious peanut butter chocolate cake, cards, flowers, the works - everyone is so darn nice there, almost brings a happy tear to my eye. Dinner followed  - this is where the trouble began. Sleep deprivation from my night in Detroit as well as the excessive amount of birthday nerves do not mix well, friends. It's a one way ticket to Migraine City. Lovely friends came to town to celebrate, as well as my darling sister who always shares my birthday excitement. We shared a plate of cheese fondue, opened the most thoughtful of gifts, after which my dear old Migraine had to stop the party short. Had to get the check early, and make a b-line out of there so I could get home and nurse my poor head back to health.

Craziest part? My sister reminded me that migraines have always been a part of my birthday tradition. Huge bummer, no? Ever since I was a little girl, I got headaches on my birthday. I think I put a lot of pressure on myself to be the hostess with mostest - but always fall short, as my migraines put an end to the party. Even as a little munchkin, I'd leave my sleepover party guests downstairs as I went upstairs to cry to my parents about my hurtin head and my party-nerves.

Chris and sister have decided that future birthdays must be planned as a surprise - no time for the headache to creep up and ruin the party. Take that, stupid Mr. Migraine.

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