02 October 2011

why i love today

on a scale from 1 to awesome, today is awesome.
here's why

1. woke up to breakfast in bed (i am spoiled. boyfriend does this fairly regularly)

2. got to watch an entire episode of "ellen" in my comfies. and bethanny frankel was the guest - she cracks my stuff up.

3. im wearing my bright blue skinny jeans today. i feel like superwoman.

4. boyfriend brought me leftovers from our favorite chinese restaurant today. what can i say? the boy keeps me well-fed.

5. will likely take a shopping trip after work to pick up a few things ive been lusting over for the past few months. oh how i love payday.

6. saw sister today at work. love having her in town, and love surprise visits - hope we can live nearby each other forever.

7. not big into sports, but the tigers play the yankees today in the first game of their playoffs. i will (loudly)root for the yankees. i love being the black sheep.

8. have one more packet of salted toffee hot chocolate from starbucks in the pantry, which i will be making tonight. may or may not let boyfriend have a sip (joking...sort of)

9. it's below 50 degrees today - official fall weather. i love fall. and hot apple cider. and gourds. bring on the fall!

10. roomate and boyfriend began talking about my birthday plans yesterday. im a sucker for birthdays.

1 comment:

  1. 1) Your BF is awesome
    3) Your jeans rock
    9) Yes to gourds! Have you seen this? http://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/its-decorative-gourd-season-motherfuckers