05 October 2011

red lipstick

Seems like it may be an Indian summer we're having here in good ol' Michigan - you know, when nature plays an evil trick on us and gives us 70 degree weather for a few days before turning really reallly cold for months and months and months (and months). We didn't get the frost beforehand, so maybe there's still hope for us yet in this glorious state.

On a totally different note, how fun is my lipstick? I stop traffic with this mouth, boys and girls. And I think the out of control, refused-to-be-tamed mane on top of my head matches my new horse shirt quite nicely. While getting my hair did for my friend's wedding a few months ago, the lovely lady doing my hair couldn't control this mop. She told me I had the most hair she had ever seen, and she had seen a LOT of hair. Needless to say, it took her five times as long to do my hair than anyone elses (including the bride).

The Dad is making a pseudo-Thanksgiving dinner tonight. My stomach has been growling all week in anticipation. Good thing I'm wearing pants with a little give - I've got some major eating to do.

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