20 October 2011

random acts of kindness or RAK

Have you met RAK? He's a guy that doesn't show up too often, but when he does, boy are you glad to see him. RAK is an old soul - seen a lot of life, and full of good intentions. I met him twice this week. {lucky me!} Amazing how nice little gestures towards strangers can turn your day around.

First RAK this week. Sitting in the shop on Monday morning feeling sleepy, sluggish, and basically just Monday Morning-ish. Went to work in my Lulu pants {note: extremely comfortable} and my Uggs - it was a comfy morning for me. Did put some effort into top, and wore a matching hat - both purple - but that was the extent of my effort...again, Monday morning, people. Nice lady walks by the shop door, stops, backs up, looks at me and says "That color purple just becomes you - you are simply glowing. Just had to say that." And then she walks away. My sheer surprise at this statement stopped me from saying thank you quickly enough. Little did this stranger know, she was responsible for the pep in my step the rest of the day. Thanks for the pep, nice lady.

Second RAK this week. Again at the shop. Freezing my patootie off. Cannot figure out how heat turns on, so am stuck pacing outside of shop in the hallway where it's significantly warmer. The nice man who works for the building asks what's wrong, as I am clearly distraught. He informs me that there is a thermostat in the building, and that he will turn up the heat for me. Relief. An hour later, as I have forgotten my frostbite and am busily chatting away on the phone, nice building man drops off a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream and caramel right at my desk, smiles, and says "thought this might warm you up a bit." Why is everyone so nice? I think. I thanked him, and told him he had just made my day - and boy was my tummy happy, too.

RAK's totally rock my socks - and likely will rock someone else's, too. I'm working on paying it forward, because I've been a lucky girl lately.

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