12 October 2011


So I read somewhere that great pictures are the key to a blog worth reading. This is not surprising - I find myself drawn to blogs that have great pictures, too. Unfortunately, this is not that kind of blog - at least not yet. I know, I know - the content on this blog is riveting. But I think great pictures are what draws somebody in. As of right now, I can only rely on my phone's camera to take pictures {note: the general grainy-ness}.

I'm debating on whether to stop blogging until I can get good pictures? But it's just too fun. I'm begging Santa Claus to possibly send me a fancy camera for Christmas. I'm mucho excited to learn about aperture, exposure, all that good stuff as soon as I can. So bear with me, pretty please? I promise you'll be seeing Ansel Adams-esque shots in no time.

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