06 October 2011

peacock feathers and ballroom dancing

I was having a hankering for a caramel apple after work today (my cravings are the weirdest). I stopped by the grocery store, grabbed my delicious treat, and headed back to my car only to find this waiting for me when I got back to my car. I hope someone planted it there, otherwise I may have accidentally run over the only urban peacock in existence, let alone in the state of Michigan. I didn't even pick it up before I left - I was too traumatized by the whole situation.

We went to dinner at my parents house last night, and boy was the food good - stuffing, turkey, green beans, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce -the works. After stuffing my face in the most ladylike way I could muster, my Gram started talking about the days that she taught ballroom dancing at Lake Placid in upstate New York. I have a very romantic image of her in those days - with her black hair in tight curls, wearing a flowy dress, dancing gracefully across the floor with her dance partner, Tony. You can imagine her excitement when Chris bashfully admitted that he had taken a dance class back in college (he's a well rounded guy). She spent the next ten minutes teaching Chris and I how to waltz, me as a first timer, and she gave Chris a refresher course. I hadn't seen my Gram's face light up like that in a long time. And seeing Chris dutifully take instructions from her, and try not to step on her toes with his two left feet - it was one of those goose bump moments.

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