11 October 2011

case of the mondays (on tuesday)

I have a heavy heart today. Not with any good or bad feeling in particular, there's just some extra weight in that area. I'm hoping that a little vitamin D from all this sunshine we've been getting may lighten the load a little. That, or I may be having early signs of a heart attack, in which case I should probably seek medical help asap.

Had an uneventful, but relaxing weekend. Spent lots of time with family, baking pumpkin bread (which turned out rather tasty, I must say), napping, and going for walks outside. I also managed to clean my entire closet - a huge feat, as it hasn't been clean in months. Roomate was extra surprised, and delighted at this sight as she just may be the cleanest person I know. Pretty sure had she known my propensity for messy closets (or all around messiness in general), she may have seriously questioned living with me in the first place.

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